Monday, June 23, 2008

sticks and stones...

it's true, i am not a thin woman.  i never have been.  and i never will be.  God simply did not create me with the body of a supermodel.  

He sure did create me with a love for all things chocolate, though.

and it's also true that i currently weigh more than i have ever weighed in my life.  but, honestly, i've wrapped my mind around this issue, accepted it, and decided to live in the moment and focus on the positive.  one may be surprised to hear that although i don't actually love my body at the moment, i am thrilled to be pregnant...and, more importantly, i love the person wrapped up inside my body.  

i can always work on my mind and my sense of humor...and once i'm done bearing children, i can work on my girlish figure. 

BUT even though i have a positive outlook on things doesn't mean that the phrase "has anyone told you that you're getting quite fat?" just rolls off my back.  and, please, when we are in the house of the Lord, shouldn't we try to speak ENCOURAGING words to one another??? especially after the pastor just spoke about loving and being merciful to others???

i really don't think i have ever been the recipient of such rude words.  

sigh.  i guess i better lay off the snickers ice cream bars.  


Christy said...

goodness gracious! I find it hard to believe that someone would really say that. especially to someone so lovely. Don't worry Rachel. We were looking at pictures from our vacation the other day (the one where I was pregnant) and I commented on how huge I get when I'm pregnant. Tim said..."I know... I have to look at you." about things NOT to say!!! You're right, you will have time to work on those girly curves later. Love ya!

Courtney said...

i can't believe someone SAID that to anyone...especially a pregnant woman! wow. i bet you look incredible. see the thing is that you can change your figure after baby, but RUDE MAN will have a much harder time changing his heart...what an awful thing to say. You are awesome to have handled it so well...there might be a front page headline about it in bville if that was ever said to me or one of my friends...(sorry I can't get my hands on him from way over here, or I would :))

Dalene said...

What. The. Heck.

Eat a box of snickers if you want to. Now is not the time to be worrying about weight, and that person needs to get a flippin clue.

Okay, I didn't have you on google reader so I've assumed you haven't been blogging! I'm fixing that today!