Sunday, January 11, 2009

only in denver

last week's grey's anatomy coined a new phrase..."i'm going to denver".  

if you saw the show, you know what i'm talking about.  i thought it was a clever and cute line.  i could just picture viewers all across the country turning to their spouse and saying, "hey, baby, let's go to denver".  

thanks be to grey's for giving us all kinds of new terminology.  any show that can get oprah to say "vi-jay-jay" in reference to her vi-jay-jay is alright with me.  well, with the exception of this new denny was dead, but now he's back from the dead, but he's still really dead story line. clearly, they are reaching.  but it digress.

so, all this denver talk has got me thinking about how interesting it is to live here.  

and i can prove the interestingness with this brief little story:

i had to make a quick run to whole foods market (one very nice perk of living here) this afternoon.  upon my drive back home i turned onto my street and found four cowboys on horseback, lined up side-by-side, trotting down the middle of the road.  

seriously, you can't tell me that NYC or LA offer such sights.  of course, NYC does have the naked cowboy.  but, again, i digress.

although these four gentlemen were wearing cowboy hats...and were kind enough to let me pass... i'm not sure that "cowboy" is the proper title for them.  first of all, i've never seen a cowboy talk on a cell phone with one hand, while holding the reigns with the other.  and, further, not one of them, upon reaching my garage, stopped and offered to help me with my groceries.  

but still, cowboys or not, denver sure never fails to intrigue me.  don't even get me started on the homeless man who has trained a mouse to sit on top of a cat, who rides on the back of a dog, while they walk around downtown.  for real.  

all that to say, if you ever want to go to denver (i'm talking literally, people), you're always welcome for dinner at my house!

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Dalene said...

I'm sure all of the cowboys and the westerns helped carry in groceries. Denver. That is one awesome city. Steve will be there next week to go to the Denver Stock Show. It's a big deal. Denver to cowboys is like Paris to fashionistas.