Saturday, July 11, 2009

trying to play catch-up

these are the images of life over the past few months (in no certain order)...
we have loved playing outside.  harrison's "school" teacher gave him these golf clubs for his 2nd birthday.  harrison loves to golf (just like his daddy).  he even throws the clubs (just like his daddy).  heehee
denver's spring weather was absolutely gorgeous.  we went for lots and lots of walks.  this picture of the boys cracks me up...especially graham in his sunglasses!
jeremy was a groomsman for his buddy norg (aka jason norgren).  we were so thrilled that norg finally got hitched to a lovely girl named leslie!  also, jer and i just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary...and we are still very much in love!!   
a rare moment...the boys are actually holding hands and smiling at the same time!  miracle.
harrison has enjoyed building "forts" and "houses" with the living room furniture, blankets and pillows.
playing outside.  love that sweet face.  harrison has been in his big boy bed (which he calls his "good boy bed"!) for quite a while now.  it's just been over the past month, however, that he has realized that he can get out all by himself.  he loves to come climb in bed with mommy & daddy at 6:30 in the morning.
MOST of the time i want to get a picture of the two of them it turns out like this.  graham is so happy, and harrison wants nothing to do with it.  although it is frustrating for me at the moment, looking at this always makes me laugh.
one day (i think this was in the month of may), harrison decided he wanted to go outside to play.  we explained that he couldn't go outside unless he got dressed.  apparently, he thought pants were optional.  i suppose the mittens and snow boots would keep him warm enough.
graham is now officially one very happy camper.  it was a long road, filled with lots of tears, but we have made it to the other side and could not be more in love with our littlest munchkin. graham smiles and laughs so much more than harrison ever did.  he is much more social.  he began sitting up and crawling at seven months.  now, at almost eight months, he would rather pull up to a standing position and "cruise" around.  he is desperate to climb the stairs!  he still does not have any teeth...but he sure is teething!  and drooling!  and still spitting up everywhere!  i long for the days when he won't need a bib anymore.
harrison is just starting to enjoy playing with graham.  he loves to stand on the back of the walker and graham pushes and pulls him around the house.  while watching a baby einstein video, harrison will narrate the story for graham.  and while he has definitely used the words, "no, mine" quite a bit, he is also very happy to share toys with graham.  graham could care less...he's just thrilled when harrison looks his direction!  : ) 
on father's day morning the boys climbed in bed with daddy and gave him their presents. jeremy is an amazing dad and the boys are enthralled with him!
over the fourth of july weekend we took a road trip to iowa to visit with my family.  this is a picture of harrison and ty (my cousin, lisa's, son) in the bathtub together.  you can't see their faces, but i thought it was cute that they were playing with their cups the exact same way.  ty is six months younger than harrison, but referred to harrison as "baby" the entire time we were there.  they had SO MUCH FUN together.  the road trip was a huge success, with the exception of sickness that we picked up along the way.  graham and i are still getting over some kind of yucky bug.
harrison got to do sparklers and see fireworks for the first time while graham slept peacefully inside.  
we went to iowa to celebrate my grandma glady's 90th birthday.  she may be 90, but she really hasn't slowed down a bit.  she raised four children all by herself (my grandpa died when my dad was really little).  she has eight grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren (if i counted correctly) and she made a loaf of banana bread for each one.  she also made two pecan pies for the event...a really great pie-maker!
one final pic of our sweet graham-er boy, playing in the grass during the picture-taking process at grandma's party.  a random little note about graham:  he's been "blessed" with rockstar/mohawk hair.  in fact, instead of the typical cowlick that most boys/men have , he has a double cowlick, in the shape of a figure with the hair patterned in a clockwise fashion and the other with the hair patterned in a counter-clockwise fashion.  just another of the adorable little things that makes him so cute and so special!!


The Wilbern's said...

What a great update! The boys are getting so big! Too cute!

Dalene said...

I'm so glad Graham is Mr. Happy. What's it like to live in a house with all boys? It's like you have your own little testosterone tank brewing over there. (I'm not sure what that means.) Just think of the fun you'll have on the slopes some day! (We'd have WP season passes if we lived in Denver.)

Jillynn said...

Have I ever told you that I love reading your blog! :) I miss you my friend and enjoy keeping up with you this way (busy moms have a hard time getting to the phone, huh?). Keep your head up and SOOOOOO glad for you that Graham is through his colicky-phase & you both survived! Ready for #3???? Ha! I love you my friend and I miss you!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading the update and getting a big ole catch up on you and your gorgeous boys :) They are just too cute! So glad Graham is a happy camper these days. Rachel