Tuesday, September 1, 2009

viva las vegas

jer & i were fortunate to spend last weekend away.  vegas is an interesting place, to say the least.  we got to see some dear friends and spend some time catching up - so good!


my ears still haven't recovered from listening to all the drunk, screaming chicks (a bachelorette party) on the way there.  that's right, folks, they were already inebriated at 10 am on a friday morning.  as one man in the airplane hanger eloquently put it, "what happens in vegas, starts in denver!"  

and my lungs still haven't recovered from all the second-hand smoke i breathed while there. 

and my eyes still haven't recovered from all the smut i saw while there.  

BUT, amidst all that "fog" (shall we say?) were all the fun things vegas has to offer.  we did everything tourist-y and had a great time!!

our friends, blindside, were doing a show.  this was taken during sound check.

one of the routes of the gondola ride at the venetian.  this photo was taken indoors.

the eiffel tower at paris - half the size of the original.  jer & i went up to the top and got to see the bellagio's water show from up there.  

on the gondola.  we chose to go for a ride on one of the outdoor ones.  our gondolier gave us gambling tips and sang to us.

the bellagio's water show was my favorite!  (well, along with the frozen hot chocolate from serendipity at ceasar's palace).  it's even more glorious at night.  we must have watched for an hour...

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Becky said...

If you are ever there again, you so better call us!!!! Glad you had fun!!!