Saturday, February 13, 2010

just a moment in the life of graham

a week ago graham was playing with my sunglasses. he fell down and, of course, broke them. since then they have become his new favorite toy. i've tried many times to catch him on camera wearing the glasses and each time he refuses to let me get a picture. and, really, i mean he refuses. refuses! the little stinker.

so, finally, yesterday i got a few and, to me, they capture his precious little stinker of a personality.

first off, please notice graham is sitting in a dining room chair, which he can climb in to and out of all by himself. despite a couple falls, he refuses (and i mean refuses!) to keep out of those chairs. secondly, please notice all the grubby finger prints on my dining room chairs. i swear i clean them three times a day and still the finger prints magically return.

here's my sweet graham-er boy with his fun new sunglasses! it's hard to tell but there is a tiny smirk of a smile creeping onto his face. it's as if he was thinking, "i'll hold still long enough to let her have just this one...but she can't make me look at the camera".

and then he slowly, gently closed his eyes. and sat there. yes, he sat there with his eyes closed. really, he sat there! with his eyes closed!

eventually he opened his eyes but still refused to look at me.

oh, he's looking at the camera! quick, get the shot!
but, alas, he was too quick for me...and he knew it!

then he just became goofy, which is his usual state of being.

as soon as i put down the camera he started laughing! see, i told you he's a little stinker!
but he sure does make my days so much fun!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your pictures, they are so cute! It's funny how those little personalities can be so different huh? :) I feel like I already have two opposities in many ways. It will be fun to see what my new little guy will be like when he decides to come! :) I enjoy your updates on here when I get a chance to read them. You are a very entertaining writer, keep it up! :) -Kari