Friday, July 5, 2013

a guessing game - winner!

the correct answer to my last post was B: the sound the legos make while he's searching for a piece is too loud.

my sensory over-responsive child is deeply bothered by the loud-to-him noise his legos make when he's digging through them or dumping them out to find a certain piece. it is very interesting to me how something so simple - something i wouldn't ever have noticed - can be so disruptive to him. i love how harrison makes me think about things in an entirely new way.

i hope this little contest helped you understand how an everyday activity can be different/difficult for a sensory kid.

although 147 people read my post only eight were brave enough to comment. out of those eight, two people guessed correctly. good guessing, ladies!

we chose a winner in an incredibly sophisticated way...

congratulations to...

washington girls, consider yourself ten dollars richer! :-)

a special shout out to hannah ottley who has a deep understanding of how harrison's mind works. she knew instantly that the correct answer was B and was the first person to respond, albeit on facebook, so i didn't include her in the drawing. but i'm sending you a little special something in the mail, hannah! i'm so happy to know you and so thankful for how smart you are and for how you "get" harrison! you and your whole family are a treasure!

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