Sunday, October 6, 2013

sensory bin - halloween monster themed

take a bin

add some large black pom poms

 add some small gold fuzzy pom poms

the black and gold is for my brother and sister-in-law who are the biggest iowa hawkeye fans ever. 
go hawks!
 add some purple and green rubber porcupine balls

sorry i ruined the hawkeye concept.
 add some large silver dish scrubbers

 add some smaller rainbow dish scrubbers

add some foam circles

pop em into a bucket

add some googly eyes

pop em into a bucket too

now we have a bin full of circles and spheres of all different textures, sizes and colors. 

let's get crazy and add some pipe cleaners and straws

toss em into the bin

lastly add in some silly monster poppers

don't they look lonely in that big old bin?

let's create some friends for them!

oh, they're so much happier now!

it's a build-a-monster sensory bin.

build-a-monster play ideas:
use senses of sight, touch and hearing to see, feel and listen to differences in each object within the bin. discuss those differences.
use proprioceptive sense to push down the monster poppers.
make predictions as to how far they'll pop into the air.
use proprioceptive sense to try jumping as high/far as the popper did.
after designing your monsters discuss one thing you like about your own monster and one thing you like about another person's monster.
make up a story about your monsters.
use straws to blow over the poppers or to blow apart the monsters you build.

i hope you have lots of fun imagining more ways to play with your new monster friends!

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