Friday, August 15, 2014

the last days of staycation 2014

the final days of our family time in the mountains were much more relaxed. we didn't have to be anywhere at any specific time which was lovely.

saturday morning we decided to take the free gondola up to breck's peak 8. they offer lots of fun summer activities for kids - alpine slide, bungee jumping...we chose to play miniature golf. fun fact: the whole idea of a staycation came about because one day harrison randomly said "i want to go play mini golf as a family". jer and i looked at each other and began talking about all the things we'd like to do together as a family...he wanted rafting, i wanted hiking, the boys wanted a cave tour...thus, the staycation was born. we plan to make it an annual tradition.

another blurry gondola selfie

we had fun playing mini golf. both boys got a hole-in-one on hole #6!

 love these two and their knee-high ski socks worn with keens and crocs. i mean...

LOVE harrison's face and thumbs-up.

i'm posting this photo because my hair. i like my hair. i like that i grew out the grey. but gah! when i see it in photos and it's soooo salt and pepper it's always a shock.

due to lack of planning we ended up eating lunch at peak 8. i had three tiny street tacos, jer had a burrito, the boys had kid's meals and it cost upwards of $80. we were thankful for the reminder that we need to pack lunches during ski season because sweet baby jesus the ski resorts bleed you dry!

sunday morning we went for a very short easy hike along sawmill creek in breckenridge. it led up to an old reservoir,  a pretty pond that we walked around. the boys ventured out a little ways into the water but harrison was brave enough to walk all the way along the sandbar out into the middle of the pond. the water got shallower in the middle (doesn't it look like he's walking on water in the photo above?) but as he was walking toward the center it got up past his knees at one point. and it was COLD!

later in the evening jer wanted to swing by the outlet stores to look for a couple items so i took the boys to blue river trail to play around while he shopped. we made these...

graham and i saw this pretty little lady...anyone know what she is?

and then we made our near weekly stop at spooners, a frozen yogurt shop that offers dairy-free almond milk frozen yogurt for moi. i still put dairy-filled reese's peanut butter cups on my fro yo because hello? reese's!

everyone loves fro yo. it's a great way to end a great week in the mountains.

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Naomi Sherman said...

Oo... I know this one! That's a hummingbird moth. Often you only see them in the cool of the evening, but this year they seem to be everywhere at all times of the day.