Monday, December 1, 2014

chihuly at the denver botanic gardens

a dear friend took me to see the dale chihuly exhibition at the denver botanic gardens a couple weeks ago. it was a crisp november morning but the sun was shining. we couldn't have asked for a better day to see this gorgeous glass art.

my friend had previously viewed the exhibit during warmer weather so she was able to compare how the sculptures looked amongst vibrant greenery as opposed to the brown, wilted brush that surrounded them the day we were there together. i found the juxtaposition interesting, though. the living plants died which allowed what is dead (the glass) to really stand out and come alive!

the photos below of the christmas ornament type sculptures floating in the stream...this was my very favorite installation. i think it was the combination of the running water, the patches of snow, the evergreen i came around the bend to discover the glass, it was just such a sweet surprise.

the installation below was also a favorite. it was massive. it beckoned you closer. it was a cirque de soleil style ball of explosion of vibrant color...with the addition of one lonely clear curlicue. another sweet surprise.

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Judith Lloy said...

These are gorgeous pics! I have wanted to go see an exhibit like this for years, it just hasn't worked out. But I think we will have to plan a trip to the nearest one the next time they come close enough! So amazing. Thank you for sharing your visit!