Sunday, August 2, 2015

new house photos - kitchen, living room, family room

hello all! for those of you who do not know, we moved to texas! i'll have to write the story of that decision and how it came to fruition at some point BUT for those of you who do know (and have been begging for photos), this post is for you.

these first two photos of the kitchen are from the first week we were in the house:

the house came with dark brown stained cabinetry (which i'm not in love with) to coordinate with the dark brown stained hand-scraped hardwood floors (which i am in love with).

we purchased a new cream colored sofa to complete the seating in the living room.

i managed to get some things hung on the walls. his lindsay letters art was special gift from my sweet friend sara.

this is the monstrosity hanging above the fireplace. it came with the house. jeremy and i are "negotiating" about whether this beast should stay or go. lord help me.

last week we had the kitchen cabinets painted so this is what it looks like now. i love it! this area is SO much lighter and brighter now. the grey glass subway tile finally looks pretty instead of out of place.

the family room upstairs is pretty well finished.

the white door behind the sectional leads to a large unfinished yet pre-wired storage room. at some point jeremy would like to add drywall and use that space as a media room (basically an extension of the family room).

the roald dahl books were a gift for the boys from my dear friend leslie.

the boys' bedroom is in the distance; you can see harrison if you look closely. there is also a bathroom and another bedroom (currently being used as a play room) upstairs.

that wraps up the house tour for now. jeremy's office is slowly coming together, as is the boys' bedroom.  the master bedroom is a mishmash of random pieces we are using to get by for now. the guest bedroom is empty. the dining room is empty too unless you count all the art and accessories being stored there. the back patio and garage still need some love (and hard work).

even with all the odd jobs that have yet to be done we love the house and feel very happy here.

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