Sunday, May 8, 2016

a mothers day message

i am so thankful i get to be their mom

she saw me through the car window, then spontaneously opened the passenger side door. i smiled politely from the driver’s seat, surprised by this bold stranger who seemed intent to deliver a message, concerned that perhaps i hadn't navigated the school drop-off line correctly. reaching for my hand and clasping it in both of hers, she gently said thank you. i lifted my sunglasses to the top of my head, wanting her to see she had my full attention. with now tear-soaked cheeks, in a quivering voice, she cried, thank you for raising up your boys to be so respectful and well-behaved. i don’t know what you’ve done but your kids are amazing.

i thanked her but attempted to rebuff the compliment if you came home with us you’d see they aren’t quite the gentlemen you think they are. she persisted and shared that her own son is one of the tough kids in the 3rd grade class.

i had received previous praise regarding what sweet boys harrison and graham are, but this time was different. what impacted me about this brief conversation wasn’t the kind things this beautiful woman said to me, it was her BRAVERY. i have frequently seen her at the school - she’s a mama who shows up for her son. her son isn’t quite like the other kids - she’s a mama who loves her son no matter what. through tears and pain she encouraged me - she’s a mama who chooses to speak life into others. 

i drove toward home praying for this incredible mother who took the time to express gratitude and share her story with me. it’s the prayer i have for every mom, for every woman - let us stop comparing ourselves to others, let us be KIND to ourselves, let us recognize the good in ourselves and our children, let us celebrate all the amazing strengths we find in each other, let us find a sister who will hold us up as we deal with difficult times, let us keep showing up to mother ourselves, our kids & each other, let us see ourselves as the brave heroes we are, let us choose joy & life & love…even when it’s hard.

to each of the lovely women in my life - those who are moms and those who are not - i send you love today.

happy mother's day

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