Tuesday, May 13, 2008

why is oklahoma so darn humid anyway?

please note: the title of this post is slated to become the title of my first book.  yes, i plan to write one.  i've been planning on it since i was 18.  if you like the title and decide to steal it for your own selfish purposes, i will find you and assist God in allowing you to "reap what you sowed".  by "you" i am not referring to all 5 of my regular readers (thank God for family and friends).  i AM referring to the throngs of others, who tune in daily because of my quick-witted humor and endlessly laughable antics.  even though you don't ever comment, i know you're out there. 

in case you cannot tell, i do have a bit of a headache.  

and, yes, i am on drugs.  (the very nice..yet very legal kind). 


Christy said...

Why is Oklahoma so darn humid??? Are you here? Why are you asking? It is really thick lately. Rachel says it's "moist". ( :

Dalene said...

To help us sweat. To releive us of nasty toxins, and to give us glistening skin.

Ahh...can't wait to see what the Oklahoma humidity represents in your book...but perhaps humidity represents...Heat.

Kipplyn said...

I love Summer!! When it is so humid that your glasses fog up when you walk outside! Bring it on!!!

Sarah said...

are your parents ok in China?? i've been meaning to email you but i don't have your address!!!

rachel white said...

hi sarah!!! yes, my parents are fine. thank you for asking and thinking about them!! they are much farther north than where the earthquake hit - even northeast of beijing.

i want to read your blog! tell me the address.... : )

you looked so pretty in the picture on kylie's blog - holding cal! what fun!! : )

Sarah said...

so glad they are safe. They are the first people i thought about when i heard about it.

send me your email address==schmidtpa@cox.net

ed got mad that i had it open to everybody.


Marci said...

Is OK humid??? I hadn't noticed. I come from Indiana and I think Indiana is WAY more humid than OK. I guess it is all relative, huh?? I have that wavy, yucky hair that does TERRIBLE in humidity, but mine has done MUCH better since being in OK as compared to IN.