Saturday, May 10, 2008

dear harrison

to my sweet boy.  i thought it would be a nice tradition to write a letter to you now & again.  just to document what your life looks like at any given moment.  one thing i know for sure...i do not want to forget all the cute, funny, and interesting things you do.

you are nearly 13 months old.  my how time flies.  lately you have become obsessed with lights. you are quite demanding about "lights on" and "lights off".  over and over you reach for the sky and say "uh, uh" until i meet your request.  you walk from one room to the other....lamps, chandeliers, canned lights...even ceiling simply want to figure out how they work.  

you have, pretty much, quit saying "mama" and "dada".  you've also quit motioning/signing "bye, bye", "please", "so big".  you've accomplished those things and have now filed them away in your brain, only to be pulled out later.  you've moved on to bigger and better things.  such as, kissing noises with your lips, blinking (in a very exaggerated way), sticking out your tongue, squatting, and kicking or stomping your feet.  and you always expect mommy or daddy to mimic or mirror what you are doing.  you are making new sounds, too.  i always wonder what in the world you are babbling about.  some days i sincerely wish i could read your mind! 

you are so affectionate now.  (although you will no longer sit still long enough for me to actually hold you).  you love to run toward me and give me a big hug.  which absolutely, without a doubt, makes my day!  and you LOVE to see daddy when he gets home from work.  you love to carry your blanket around with you and cuddle with it.  when you take a nap, you love to nuzzle your musical puppy dog in the crook of your neck.  how i wish you would still love to nuzzle in the crook of my neck!  little do you know that mommy actually loves when you wake up in the middle of the night (which is a rarity) because it's the one time you will let me hold you and rock you without squirming. 

you are, certainly, at your happiest, most peaceful, contented self when both mommy and daddy are home and in the same room together.  weekends are so fun for you (and for us).  it seems like you get an extra burst of energy when both of us are there to love on you!  you cry when daddy leaves in the morning and you laugh when he gets home.  you are surely becoming a daddy's boy...and you've figured out that mommy is more for cuddles and daddy is more for rough-housing.  you are very smart.

you are a very good, obedient boy.  but you sure do know how to get into mischief.  although you've quit playing with the toilet paper rolls and playing in the toilet you are interested in learning how to climb DOWN the stairs.  hmmm.  i think you may enjoy scaring me to death.  well, actually, i'm sure you enjoy it.  because the look on your face (of sheer bliss) speaks volumes.  you love to touch things that you are not supposed to touch.  but you do a very good job of obeying when mommy says, "no touch".  if mommy has to say "no" in a harsh tone (like when you are attempting to climb down the stairs by yourself), you get very sad and teary-eyed.  mommy always picks you up and tells you "i love you" and holds you until your feelings are no longer hurt.  mommy has had to swat your leg twice (because you were mad at her for telling you "no" and hit her in the face).  it broke my heart to do it.  it really, truly, made me so sad to discipline you.  but you have not hit me in the face since.  you learned very quickly. 

you love to eat peaches, pears, pineapple, whole apples (minus the skin because that only creates serious gagging issues), mandarin oranges, bananas, blueberries, and grapes.  you love cheese, macaroni and cheese, toast (plain and with peanut butter), yogurt, peas, green beans, carrots, potatoes, rice, and MILK.  and, so far, you've liked all meats except for salmon. mommy and daddy work hard to only feed you the healthiest, organic products.  all in all,  you are a very good eater and mommy feels very blessed!!  i must say, though, that both times i've tried to give you ice cream, you were not interested.  which simply seems insane to me.  but i have no doubt you'll come around.  : ) 

you are still a very good sleeper.  your schedule is pretty much the same every day.  bed time at 7:00-7:30 pm.  wake up at 7:00-7:30 am.  morning nap from 9:30-11:00 am.  afternoon nap from 2:00-3:30 pm.  

you would rather play with, pretty much, anything except for your toys.  as far as toys go, however, you love your golf clubs, books, and your new ride-on fire truck with a real siren.  the other things you like to play with are pots & pans, remote controls, and the broom & dust pan. if nothing else, you keep us VERY entertained.  you also love going outside to get the mail, going to see the ducks at the park, blowing bubbles, and playing hide & seek (which you are VERY good at).  oh, and opening & closing doors.  you could do that for hours.  i think it is your version of peak-a-boo.  you've actually locked yourself in the bathroom twice already...because you are just tall enough for your little fingers to touch the lock, but not quite strong enough to actually turn the knob.  never fear, mommy is always ready on the other side to get you out.  : )

at bedtime, we always read "goodnight moon" and "guess how much i love you".  and we always sing "goodnight harrison", "Jesus loves me", and "Jesus loves the little children".  you love your bed and always go to sleep with no trouble.  i think it is mommy & daddy's favorite time of the day because it is such a sweet, peaceful time.  you still have your binky, which, i think, is going to be a staple for some time to come.  and mommy is just fine with that.  i'd rather have you suck on your binky instead of gnawing on your hands and arms when your teeth hurt.  (which you've drawn blood). 

and you still drink your milk from a bottle.  i was having a difficult time breaking you of the "baba" because it was the only time you would let me hold you.  now that that's no longer the case, i guess your time has come, little man.  you do drink water from a cup without any mommy needs to be brave now and get you switched over permanently.  besides, i am a bit tired of washing all those bottles! 

mommy is so excited for the pool to open this summer and can't wait to take you swimming for the first time (i thought you were too little last year).  we are also planning a trip to the zoo at some point.  mommy & daddy are so very proud of you!  we think you are the smartest, sweetest, cutest, happiest boy ever.  and we feel so lucky to be your mom & dad!  we love you "to the moon and back"!


Courtney said...

very sweet! you'll love it that you took the time to do that

Christy said...

Brilliant idea. I love reading about all the things he loves. It takes me back to those days. I remember Parker used to wake up every morning saying "Choca-Miwlk,seewul bawr,wonka??"

I tell him that all the time so he won't forget. Hopefully I won't either. Oh... and his bedtime song was the song from Shrek "Allstar". Don't ask...


Marci said...

I love that you wrote a letter to your sweet boy!! He will treasure these things some day!

Great job MOM!! Happy Belated Mother's Day!!