Sunday, November 9, 2008

seven random things

christy at the call of the wild tagged me to post 7 random things about myself.  


1) i am continually baffled at how expensive it is to eat organically...without added "stuff".  did you know that a 3/4 cup serving of "sugar" cereal - like cinnamon toast crunch or captain crunch - contains LESS sugar than a 1-2 tbsp. serving of gerber juice snacks?!  the stuff they market for toddlers is terrible!  and don't even get me started about high fructose corn syrup...

2) i love my pregnant belly.  the last trimester is my favorite part of pregnancy.

3) i firmly believe that any store which provides (and expects you to return) a shopping cart; should allocate the parking spaces right next to the shopping cart "depots" for pregnant women and mothers of toddlers. 

4) i have a love/hate relationship with reality t.v.

5) one of my very favorite things in life is waking up to the sound of my sweet boy playing and talking to himself in his crib.

6) i like painted toe nails and unpainted finger nails.

7) i LOVE giving thoughtful gifts - the kind someone will really love/enjoy.  and i LOVE the wrapping.  it's all about the presentation, people.


Christy said...

Yes, the only way to eat cheap organically is to start your own garden. Which Tim keeps saying we will do "next year". (:
It's good to have a goal right? I love your random things. Hugs from Oklahoma!!

Jillynn said...

I love that not many things change...through the years and through the miles! I love you my sweet friend and I miss you! I am praying for you and your upcoming arrival of #2!