Saturday, November 1, 2008

i'm still here!

my sweet friend, christy, keeps writing to check up on me.  thanks friend!  i do apologize for being so absent from blogging.  somehow life just gets in the way.  


yes, i'm still doing great.  i'm physically ready to get this baby out of me.  (i started retaining water this week and i hate swollen hands and feet!)  but i'm not yet emotionally ready for the transition from one to two.  nor am i organizationally ready...and my house is not clean...and, well, you know all those things that need to be done.  or at least the raging hormones keep telling me they need to be done. 

and i really don't think jeremy is ready either.  he seems to think setting up his new plasma t.v. is more important than vacuuming.  i keep reminding him not to mess with the hormones.  he continues to ignore me.  uh, i mean them.

men, if any of you are reading...don't mess with a pregnant woman when she is in nesting mode. honey, if you are reading...seriously, you need to get down to business. 

speaking of hormones...i had another "crazy lady" moment this past week.  i ventured to wal-mart.  that was my number one mistake.  i really should never have entered the parking lot. but, to make a very long and boring story a bit shorter...two wal-marts later and i still didn't have everything i needed.  i vowed never to enter their doors again.  and, on the way home, i took out my frustration on a VERY slow driver by flashing my brights at her until she picked up the pace.  that little gold honda accord got out of my way pretty quickly.  

and i'll just leave you on that note.  ha!!  what a "feel good" post this is! 

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