Monday, October 20, 2008

a much needed update...

here are the random tidbits of our lives...

the basement is finished.  praise Jesus, we made it through!  i did experience two meltdowns during the remodel - a serious emotional breakdown because drywall dust got all over our house...and, worse, last friday i committed the pregnant equivalent of drunk-dialing and called our contractor in tears because the carpet guy had simply pushed me over the edge.  but now it's done.  i will post pics soon.  

harrison is done with his binky.  it wasn't even an issue for him, for which i am very thankful. last week i went out to dinner with a couple of girlfriends.  jer put him to sleep without a binky and he hasn't used one since.

i am still have contractions.  had an appointment today and am one centimeter dilated.  they really aren't concerned about me given the fact that i've made it this far...and we are close to the "safety mark" of 37 weeks.  i, however, am really holding out for 40 weeks.  so, we'll see. 

we've scheduled a c-section for my due date, which is november 20th.  if i go into labor before that date, however, i plan to try a natural delivery.  so, again, we'll see.  

we hired jennifer to help me out with harrison and the housework three mornings a week - just in an effort to help control some of these contractions.  it has been a blessing.  

we still do not have a name for this sweet baby boy that is kicking inside of me.  i know God will impress upon us what he should be called at some point.  

harrison turned 18 months last week.  time flies.  at his 18-month check up we found out he is 34.5 inches tall and 26 pounds.  he is a happy, healthy boy.  we have started speech therapy once a week.  stacy comes to our house.  she is wonderful.  other than a language delay, there has not been any concern whatsoever (from any of the professionals we've seen) about any other types of developmental delays or problems.  we are truly thankful.  

harrison is making the CUTEST face lately...a big cheesy teeth and all.  it absolutely make my heart melt.  and it makes me laugh out loud.  every time.  

i'm quite sure there is much more to say.  but the bigger my belly gets, the smaller my  brain gets.  so, this is all i can remember for now.  : ) 


Christy said...

Yea! I was hoping you hadn't gone into early labor and we weren't hearing about it! Did ya know that the 20th is Rachel's (our Rachel's) birthday? That's a good day to have a baby. (:

Glad you got your basement finished and thanks for being willing to share your "meltdown" story. It made me laugh out loud... and I REALLY needed to laugh out loud. (:
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Love it that you love your Speechie :) So glad it is "only" speech-language delay from all accounts :) Finished I come!

Anonymous said...

That was from me...didn't sign it...Rachel

Dalene said...

Oh my goodness... you just plum "crack...ME...up."

Please, oh please, keep up the pregancy "drunk dialing" stories.

It reminds me of loads of good times around the Fisherstine house.

Sarah said...

hurry up on the basement pics. And next time you prego dial--set up a video camera. that would make a great post!

Christy said...

Still doin' OK over there????