Monday, October 6, 2008

i could be out looking for eligible bachelors

on monday nights, thanks to all things "fantasy", i get the joy of experiencing what it's like to be invisible.  as i try to converse with my husband about the important matters of life, i get responses such as:

"you bungholes"
"come on, baby, daddy needs a touchdown"
"give me an I-N-T"
"oh, you dumb-arse!!!" (while throwing the remote control across the room)
"sweet jesus, help me out"

thank God for DVR.  because without it, my husband would have no idea that i am actually sitting right next to him. 

the funny thing....i just looked over to see that jer is attempting to read dostoevsky's crime and punishment...WHILE CONTINUALLY CHECKING HIS FANTASY SCORE!  look, i know i can't compete with dostoevsky...but dostoevsky AND the same time??!!  

i might as well be single.


Dalene said...

A Great Book and Great Football???

I've actually never heard of that combo. You're right. Do something else. He's not there on Mondays. I think it's NetFlix Night for Mommy in the other room.

Christy said...

So.......... What IS up at the White House???? You need to blog girl! (: