Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i have a feeling this won't be the last time

we've recently celebrated a couple of "firsts" here in the white house.  well, "celebrated" might be a bit of a strong word.  maybe "encountered" or "experienced" would be more appropriate. 

in order, they go like this:  poison control, "no", and poop.

last week, while jeremy and i had our heads stuck under the sink in the guest bathroom, harrison gave us a little scare.  you see, normally, the guest bathroom cabinet houses all of harrison's bath products and medicine...and other household products that need to be behind a safety latch.  due to the "leaky faucet debacle of 2008", all those products were strewn throughout our hallway.  

as i was trying to balance the roles of mother and plumber, i looked over my shoulder to make sure harrison was okay.  he seemed to be having great fun with daddy's (aka plumber extraordinaire) flashlight.  the next minute, i looked over to see that he had managed to open a bottle of rubbing alcohol. 

imagine seeing your toddler casually walking down the hallway carrying an opened bottle with the words "70% isopropyl".  my first thought was,  "oh, how sweet, he's going to be a doctor someday".  uh huh.  i am cool under pressure. 

i did not know whether or not harrison had actually imbibed.  (Lord, i hope i don't ever repeat those words.  especially not during the teenage years.)  and the nice lady at poison control told me that it is a rarity because most toddlers don't like the bitter taste.  (again, Lord, please let all alcohol taste bitter to him.  forever.)  so we simply watched for signs of drunkenness. 

you know...staggering speech, walking into walls, vomiting.  all classic toddler behavior if you ask me.  

needless to say, i wouldn't be "celebrating" this "first" if harrison, indeed, had gotten drunk. but, he was just fine.  

i highly recommend our friends at poison control, who even called us back an hour later to make sure everything was okay.

the other "firsts":  

harrison told me "no" (not verbally, it was by shaking his head back and forth).  listen people, the boy has been shaking his head "no" for a very long time, but i purposefully did not ever use the word "no" while "shaking".  that is, until the speech pathologist told me i should start associating the two.  so, now he can say "no".  the first time he used it was while in the bathtub.  
mama:  harrison, it's time to say "bye bye water"
harrison:  defiant head shaking

the other "first" was also during bath time.  he pooped.  in the water.  amidst lots of floating toys.  

the only thing i have to say about that is that i (pregnant girl) did an AMAZING job of not freaking out (and not gagging).  really, kudos to me.  


Dalene said...

I have to tell you that when your kids outgrow pooping in the bathtub, you will NOT miss it!!!

I agree w/ you about the drunken toddler. How would you even tell the difference??? If I used those guidelines, then my Big Boy must have been drunk a LOT (except for the vomiting).

Courtney said...

:) i agree with you and dalene both! i've had to call poison control more than i care to admit!

Becky said...

Poison control became our friends with Jason - the child ate everything, or on one occasion, put Ben Gay in his eyes. The first time they called back, it completely freaked the social worker in me out. I thought for certain they saved my information and had me on record, ready to call in a referral when needed. I'm sure they do have a record, but they were just following up as they were supposed to. They just didn't do that the first couple times, so when they did, it scared me. I hope it is your last call to poison control. As far as the others, I can guarantee it won't be the last time you are told no - wish I could say differently. But on a better note, it could be the last time he poops in the tub. You never know!!! I only had one child that did that more than once - can't remember which now - either Jason or David. I'm sure they appreciate me sharing!!!