Friday, September 26, 2008

home from the hospital

yes, it's true.  we just got home.  but, thankfully, i am still "pre" instead of "post" partum. 

these pesky contractions.

today they decided to start.  and they still haven't decided to stop.  

you'll be happy to know (as i was) that some of my "contractions" are not contractions at all. rather, they are simply "irritable uterus".  hmmm.  if they keep on like this, i know someone else who is going to be quite irritable. 

also, the nurse was quite complimentary about how well hydrated i am.  i told her the 120 oz. story.  she was impressed.  at least i think that was the expression on her face.  however, in hind sight, it might have been more of a "this chick is loco" kind of look.  

here's the thing:  the rule of thumb has been that if i have four or more contractions per hour...for a two hour time span...i need to go to the hospital.  today, we discovered that this rule really doesn't work for me.  because, clearly, i have had WAY more than four contractions per hour...for WAY more than two hours.  

so, they've given me a new directive.  which, of course, requires a follow-up with my OB within the next week.  it also requires rest, hydration, and warm bathes.  and "today" is supposed to be my new "baseline".  so, basically, if i have more frequent, or more painful, contractions than today...that's when i go to the hospital.

two really nice things about this hospital experience...quality time with hubs AND not being charged a co-pay!  woo hoo!


Becky said...

I will be praying that the contractions will stop! Glad you are home - take it easy - I hope you enjoyed that warm bath and rest time

Jamie Miller said...

When is your due date? Call me next time I can give you good Labor and Delivery advice!!!! Hope you get some rest and the contractions stop. Drink lots and not just water. Drink lots of juice. The uterus is a muscle and if it doesn't have sugar it acts naughty. You will contract and they will feel like real ones but the won't change your cervix. If you drink sugar they will go away.

Jamie White said...

OOps I put Jamie Miller. That is going to be really hard for me to change!!!!

Dalene said...

Those pesky contractions that aren't contractions!!! They'll make you CrAzyy....

You're right, though...time w/ hubby in the hospital. That's a memory.