Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the storybook farm

during the month of september, denver's children's museum is partnering with the urban farm.  they've created a really fun exhibit that changes each and every day.  so far, we've gotten to meet sheep, cows, rabbits, goats, horses, turkeys, chickens, and even a llama!  

the big wooly sheep have been the most fun...and the most friendly. 

harrison has enjoyed working in the garden, riding the tractor, feeding the animals, and listening to some fun stories about the farm. 

we feel so blessed to live in a place that offers inexpensive and creative opportunities to play with our child!

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Dalene said...

That looks fun. I think you're right about the big city with lots to do!!! I'm a little jealous, and I'm not even thinking about the ski slopes yet....oh wait...maybe I am.