Saturday, September 13, 2008

i have a bladder of steel

always have.  and, hopefully, always will.  : ) 

my mom tells stories of how she used to worry about me because when i was a little girl i would wake up and go to school...without ever having gone potty.  i vividly remember times when i would get home from school and go to the bathroom for the first time that day. 

and i am a "refuse to stop for potty breaks during road trips" kind of girl.  12 hours in a car? no problem.

i truly believe that having a strong bladder is my special super-hero power. 

someone should write a comic book about that. 

BUT, yesterday i reached my bladder limit.  

due to some pesky contractions, i drank at least 120 ounces of water in a 6 hour time span.  not even a bladder of steel can withstand that kind of pressure.

the contractions started around 1:00 pm and were five minutes apart for the better part of two hours.  then, they slowed to every 15 minutes...and then to an hour apart.  jeremy had our bag packed and we fully expected to spend the night being monitored at the hospital.  thankfully, it never came to that.  

i'm certain it was all the water (coupled with lying on my left side) that helped calm my uterus. it does seem to be a bit of an oxymoron, however, that doctors tell you to get LOTS of rest while drinking LOTS of water.  do they not realize that all the water negates all the rest?  

when a pregnant lady has to heave her body off the couch every 5 minutes, and walk to the bathroom...well, i mean, that's the equivalent of EXERCISE!  

i feared that i would be "exercising" all night long.  but, it wasn't so.  i woke up this morning, after a peaceful, uninterrupted night's sleep...and, as i went potty, i held a silent vigil in honor of my bladder.  

oh, thank you, bladder of steel.  you've never done me wrong.  


Courtney said...

you absolutely postitively crack me up. wow. how far along are you though?

rachel white said...

just 30 weeks. contractions are not a good thing at this point! well, are they really ever a good thing???

Sarah said...

You could be a PA. There are days I don't go all day due to all the patients waiting on me. When I do go, It's like a waterfall for minutes!!

I'm glad everything is ok.

Miss you.

Belly pics?

Courtney said...

wow. you look really great for 30 weeks and you are right, i guess you don't want them right now...and no, they aren't a fun thing, but a good thing when it's time to get that little man out! :)