Tuesday, September 2, 2008

night, night...sleep tight

there is nothing better than a freshly bathed boy.  the smell of johnson's baby shampoo in still-damp hair is dreamy.  i love kissing harrison goodnight and knowing that i will giggle in the morning when i see his wild "bed head" hair.

my dear friend, robin, always says that a good bedtime ritual should consist of the three b's - bath, book, and bed.  how right she is. harrison thrives on the "three b plan".

tonight, as i was reading, harrison climbed up onto jer's lap.  he wanted to be held and rocked. eventually, as all the books had been read...and all the songs had been sung, harrison was STILL happily rocking with daddy. 

it was such a rarity on a couple of levels.  first, for the most part, harrison won't sit still long enough to be held.  and, second, daddy doesn't get cuddles from harrison very often because, well, he's daddy. generally, when jer tries to give him "lovies", harrison pushes away. which breaks jer's heart.

so i sat in the dimly lit room, watching them rock.  jeremy was SO content.  harrison was SO content.  i was SO content.  it seems so simple, yet it was such a special moment.  one that i soaked in.  i didn't want to do anything that would interrupt their father/son bonding.  so i just quietly observed...with a smile on my face.

i thought about how that little room held everything i cherish most in this world.  and about how i am so richly blessed.  and about how much harrison has grown in such a short period of time.  and about how a new baby boy will soon become a part of our bedtime traditions.  

and about how the smell of johnson's baby shampoo will always trigger my memory to recall this special moment.

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Courtney said...


our night routine for jackson consisted of 5 b's. we add a blankie and binky in there and we call it good...at least for now. soon i hope to be brave enough to knock it down to 4 (minus the binky) and let him loose the blanky whenever he wants to.

how is your pregnancy? did you ever get a cool pen? they dropped the price (or i was wrong the first time). this time around they are like 2 bucks and some change