Sunday, August 31, 2008

the stay-cation

you know, the latest trend in travel is not to travel at all.  since jeremy and i are such trend-following people, we decided to join the ranks of those who are enjoying a vacation at home. 

harrison went to grammy & papa's house yesterday morning and we won't pick him up until tomorrow afternoon.  53 hours of uninterrupted, whatever-we-want-to-do time.  now that's a vacation. i must say, however, that it is always incredibly hard to drive away from him.  i know he is having the time of his life...and i really love my freedom (and our time alone as a couple)...but i miss him SO much.  it's crazy how a mommy's heart doesn't ever stop longing for her babies. 

jer and i have just been spending quality time together.  it's been wonderful.  especially for a girl who speaks that specific love language.  

there was one exception, however.  the fantasy football draft.  the good Lord knows i would be a VERY BAD wife if i dared to think he would choose me over the draft.  so, while he was "fantasizing" with the guys this afternoon (for 5.5 hours!), i did some much needed organizing.  

this pregnant girl loves clean closets and cupboards!  

so, here's my conviction (and my confusion):  where in the world does all this stuff come from?

i mean, jer and i are NOT pack rats.  we aren't even "keepsake-momento-keeping" people.  we are "get rid of it" people.  we make donations to the lupus foundation, arc, and goodwill REGULARLY.  so, how is it that we keep finding more to donate?

i really don't have an answer.  i'm at a loss.  all i can say is that my day of going through closets and cupboards has, once again, produced quite a load for the salvation army.  


Dalene said...

I think that stuff breeds when we leave the house.

Courtney said...