Monday, August 18, 2008

i always knew this day would come...

but i never thought it would be so soon.  

my child is now a one-nap-a-day-er.  

Lord Jesus, sustain me.  i mean, do You not realize that i'm very pregnant?  and harrison is very active?  and heavy?  and, well.....

i need two naps a day!?!?!  

maybe You, with all your miraculous ways, could turn harrison into a bear for the next few months...and make him hibernate.  that would be really helpful.  thanks. 

or, maybe, You could just make his ONE nap a REALLY LONG nap.  cause, really, You're killin me with this hour-and-a-half-a-day stuff. 

or, maybe, You could send mary poppins to my house.  or nanny mcphee.  and while she is coaxing my child to lay down in peaceful rest, she could also clean my house from top to bottom.  with the wiggle of her little nose, of course.

or, maybe, You could just give me strength and mercy to make it through each day.  because i could use some sustaining grace right now.  

...but You already knew that.  

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Kipplyn said...

Yeah, that is a hard one. Similar is when they give it up all together! I hoped the day would never come, but it did. Now George is very "helpful" all day while I am trying to educate the rest of our children. WOW! Thank the Lord His mercies are new every morning! I might need them every afternoon too! ;-)