Thursday, August 7, 2008

calling all cooks

okay, friends, now that i'm in my sixth month of pregnancy, i'm getting a, how shall we say...organized.  

yes, that's it.  i'm getting into a nesting, planning, can't stand that our garage is holding excessive cardboard boxes that need to be recycled, and can't deal with the coat closet that is overflowing with everything other than coats mode.  

so, one organizational thing that i'd like to do differently this time around...

i would love to load my freezer full of prepared meals.  yes, i still plan to accept meals from friends after baby boy II arrives.  however, i'd like to stockpile my supply so that i don't have to think about food for a long while.  for this, i need your help.  

i need some new recipes.  jeremy white thinks i lack "inspiration"  in the cooking area.  he's surprised that my constant watching of the foodnetwork has not resulted in better meals for his tummy.  so, in an effort not to disappoint my dear husband, and to be ultra-prepared for life with TWO kids, will you please send me some yummy recipes (that can easily be frozen)?  

one thing...i hate cheese.  so, if it's a casserole recipe, it must be able to be half-cheese and half-cheese-free.  : ) 

all recipes can be emailed to

my husband's tummy (and my type-a hormones) thanks you!

***oh, and if you have experience with freezing prepared meals, i'd love any advice you can give.


sonja said...

I just sent a wonderful guide to Good Will yesterday. It was called "Dinner's in the Freezer". I did not like the recipes very much, but it was a wonderful resource about freezing foods successfully. I will look through my recipes and try to send something soon.

Anonymous said...

I love cook for a day eat for a long time cooking! Here's a few Rachel tips - boneless skinless chicken things taste better cooked frozen thawed eaten than do chicken breasts; i like freezing in ziploc baggies - saves room in the freezer - you can pack HEAPS flat on top of each other, did you know you can even freeze mashed potatoes? Check out Are you still coming to visit? And where's my video!!