Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a harrison update

it's high time i provided an update on the little mister.  so far, we've had his hearing checked, his vision checked, and an evaluation with a speech pathologist.  we are waiting on a phone call from the "early intervention" people (who work with the public schools and are not scheduling appointments until school is back in session). 

which, by the way, one of the districts here started school today.  is that insane or what? i may not be remembering correctly, but when i was growing up didn't school start AFTER labor day?that was so long ago, though, maybe i'm making that up. 


his hearing and vision are just great.  our visit with linda, the speech pathologist, was last monday.  i loved her.  she did a great job of interacting with harrison...trying to get the best out of him.  he took to her immediately and the visit went very smoothly.  for which, i am so very thankful.  and, she has even called me at home - twice - to have extended discussions about harrison.  i have been really impressed with her.

harrison does have a significant language delay.  while he understands many "more complicated" things (such as, "go throw it in the trash"), he does not respond to very simple commands such as "come here" and "give that to me".  linda thinks this is a bit of stubbornness on harrison's part (and i concur), rather than a lack of understanding.  so, as far as what harrison comprehends, there is not a concern.  well, except i am taking this as an official forewarning that my sweet boy is going to be very strong willed.  oh joy. 

as far as what harrison can say...he's really behind.  but, the good thing is that linda does not believe the delay is due to a serious problem (like a brain issue, or lack of hearing).  she really thinks he is like many toddler boys - advanced in motor skills and slow in language.  again, i feel so grateful that there does not seem to be a "bigger" issue.  we are simply working with harrison at home (during our normal play time) to encourage speech.  

the best part of the evaluation was that linda did not think there was any reason to proceed with an autism evaluation.  in fact, she made the recommendation to our pediatrician that we postpone the autism check for six months.  and, even then, we only need it if harrison has regressed/lost skills/not progressed.  she mentioned that, had she not known there was an autism concern, she never would have questioned it.  obviously, this is a HUGE relief to us. once again, we feel so immensely thankful! 

however, even with all the great news, we are still being vigilant to watch our sweet boy.  we have taken him off all dairy (switched to soy) and we have him on a supplement that detoxifies his little body and brain...as well as provides omega 3's and 6's for healthy brain development. and there will be no more vaccinations.  (we can give them to him when he's older, if needed).  i am purposeful in how we play at home...making lots of noises for harrison to imitate, as well as working on his "pretend play".  all these things are simple, easy, and will only help him.

just like each of you do (if you have children), we love our child with an insurmountable love. we would do anything for him.  we are trusting God - who gave him to us - to provide for his every need.  and we are relying on God to give us wisdom and discernment as we raise him.

i would like to say many, many thanks to those of you who have prayed for us.  let me say this: we felt your prayers.  i, for one, was having quite a difficult time praying.  my prayer (through delirious tears) was, "Jesus, i can't do this.  i have no words.  help".  needless to say, i was relying on the prayers of the righteous to step in and intercede for us.  

all your comments and phone calls and emails were so encouraging.  thanks!  one person in particular sent me an email that put me back on my knees and gave me renewed hope and peace.  she said, "God knows everything about harrison and He decided that you were the perfect woman to raise harrison...and that harrison was the perfect boy for you to learn and grow from".  i needed to be reminded of that.  i needed to be CONVICTED of that.  and i needed to trust that. 

so...all in all, we feel deeply blessed to have taken a ride on this crazy "roller coaster of life" and survived.  i must say, though, i really prefer the nice, slow ferris wheel!  we would still greatly appreciate your prayers for continued progress in harrison's development.  i will continue to keep you informed!  


Kipplyn said...

Rachel, Thanks for the update. Good news! John David is our 4th child. I am not sure he talked at all until around 3 years old. I think he might be my smartest child. He is still very quiet and does have some speech challenges, but he is always listening and learns very quickly! He is currently working with a speech path. Just remember they are all so different! If I have learned anything from all of these children, it is that they all develop at different rates! Well, there are lots of things I have learned, but that is one of them ;-) BTW. We, too, immunize on a delayed schedule. I would be happy to talk with you about that any time! God has blessed you with a precious gift. We often have to lay them at the alter as Abraham did and remember that they are God's. It won't be the last time.

Becky said...

Good news! So glad to hear it. I could write almost everything Kipplyn wrote (minus the immunizations). David, too, has speech delays and works with a therapist. But he is so bright! And once he started working with the therapist, he made quick progress. He still has a ways to go. You are a great mom! Keep it up! Love you!

Dalene said...

I'm so glad the evaluations went well!!!! I love your current plan.

Enjoy that cute boy!

Sarah said...

Yeah!!! You are still on my prayer list friends. Need to see you . . .

Christy said...

Great, great, great news! I'm so glad for you. It's so nice to not worry isn't it??

Not sure I'll be doing that anytime soon. (not worrying that is) Oh well...

Love you!