Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i've got a professional wrestler on my hands

who would have thunk it?

that a 16-month old's brain is smart enough to know exactly how to twist, turn, arch, bend, scream, and kick...

so that it become humanly IMPOSSIBLE to strap him into his car seat.  

i'm never leaving the house again. 

correction:  harrison is never leaving the house again.  

sure, he may grow up to be a sheltered, hermit-like, mama's boy.  but that's a small sacrifice for peace.


Courtney said...

seriously...creighton did that for a long thankfully she doesnt' but it was like wrestling an alligator to get her in her seat. she did it from about 7 mo-15 mo...but she is MUCH better now. :) thankfully. i don't have advice...we obviously left the house though. i think she may have gotten a lots of spankings or something or i let jeff do it :)

Courtney said...

oh yeah. they are 16 months apart. pretty dang close. i think yours will be close to that right?! it is rough (was for me anyway) for a little while, but now I really enjoy them being so close. i must say though that i had to go on ppd meds for a few months and i probably wouldn't have survived without them (i mean that). so if you feel at all too hormonal or whack this time please don't be afraid to call your doc and figure it out together. it's stressful but managable too. dont be afraid to ask for help--you WILL need it.

anyway, the sharpie pens...they are pretty cool. the more i use them, the really really coolness is wearing off, but i still like it. 2 come in a pack for 6$ or something at walmart. they are thin like a normal pen and very fine point. and they don't bleed through at all. :)

Dalene said...

I see the problem here.

You've been watching Friday Night Smack-Down, haven't you?