Sunday, September 21, 2008


we always have a little snack/tv time after harrison wakes up from his nap.  our favorite show is, of course, baby einstein.  our favorite snack: goldfish and annie's organic bunnies.  i love this time of day because i always get lots of snuggles and cuddles from my boy!  

by the way, harrison's green "chair" is called a cooshee.  it's a booster seat that has built in suction cups, so it sticks to the chair when he's sitting at the table.  currently, he uses it more like a step stool to make getting up onto the couch just a bit easier.  smart boy.

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Dalene said...

Seriously, all of the old mommies used to say this, and I thought "Get over yourself," but you new moms have the coolest gadgets! Cooshie's? Baby Einstein? I'm pretty sure I can document all issues with my kids back to the fact that they didn't have baby einstein. Yep.

Harrison is adorable.