Sunday, September 14, 2008

making brownies

for a mom who is pretty darn strict about what my child eats, i'd say allowing harrison to make brownies...and lick the spoon!! like throwing caution to the wind.

what freedom!

next i'll be letting him play outside without a coat.  or ride the shopping cart without wiping his hands afterward.  or drink juice that hasn't been watered down.  or allow him to climb, and
jump, and run without gasping in fear.

clearly, i have reached a new level of motherhood.


Becky said...

It's the level we all reach when number 2 is on the way!!!! It's fun to watch them having so much fun!!! I remember the first time James licked the brownie bowl (or maybe it was chocolate cake) - he thought it was the best - and chocolate was everywhere!!!

Dalene said...

Welcome to Level 2. Five more bowls of chocolate puts you into the bonus round.

By the time you have #4, you will be giving them all red dye #2 suckers to to keep them quiet during church...or at the mall so that you can shop in relative peace.