Monday, September 22, 2008

things to remember...

some of the best memories cannot be captured by anything other than my mind.  for example....

harrison is a "dancing machine".  jer and i LOVE watching him "get down".  his moves resemble something similar to bill cosby's (as seen during the opening theme song of the cosby show).

he is now saying a few words:  daddy, hi, yeah (as in "yes"), and night (as in "night, night")

he does not like it when mommy & daddy look at, touch, or talk to mommy's belly.  harrison is insistent on pulling my shirt over my belly so that it does not show.  (a few weeks ago he was quite obsessed with my belly button.  specifically, he loved sticking his finger in it.  i'm sort of happy that phase has passed.)

he does not like it when mommy has to go potty.  i mean, God forbid if i actually closed the bathroom door and got a little privacy.  that would just be unheard of.  but if i let harrison in the bathroom with me, he still gets a bit whiny, tries to pull up my shorts (while i'm sitting on the potty!), and pulls the toilet paper off the roll so that i can get done quicker.  

he has absolutely no issues when daddy has to go potty.  the child is an anomaly. 

animal noises:  dog panting, cow mooing, and (best of all) an elephant "noise", which is (silently) made by waving his right arm up and down like a trunk.  he also makes an airplane/car noise - trying to mimic our vroom-vroom's.

last night, jer and i watched as harrison played with his books and his backpack.  we talked about how, someday, we will watch him pull big textbooks out of his bag so that he can start his homework.  time simply goes by too quickly.  just one reason why it's so great to take time to cherish the things that are happening right now.

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