Monday, September 15, 2008

finishing the basement

we've hired an awesome construction company to remodel our basement.  crazy the coincidences of life (if you actually believe in coincidence)...

when jared (the general contractor) first showed up at our house, he was wearing big white plastic sunglasses, had punk-rock hair, tattoos all over both arms, piercings in both ears and two in his lip...the way he looked, basically, screamed, "i love rock-n-roll".  

hmmm.  i'm familiar with guys like you.  i'm, actually, comfortable with guys like you. 

we headed down to the basement so i could show him the space.  he noticed my HUGE framed p.o.d. poster.  when i say huge, i'm talking at least 7-feet tall by 3-feet wide.  it's hard not to notice.  if memory serves, it is one of only two in the united states...brought back from a european tour by p.o.d.'s tour manager, danny.  i believe the other one is somewhere in the ottley household.

anyway, jared commented on the poster.  he said he loves p.o.d. and, then, proceeded to tell me that he is in a Christian punk band...and, better yet, he LOVES another band that sometimes toured with p.o.d. - blindside!  

small world.  i love p.o.d. and blindside, too!  : ) 

so, conversation easily turned toward Christian topics.  turned out, jared leads worship at his church and his business partner (also named jared) is the youth pastor.  construction is what they do to pay the bills.  

all this, coupled with the fact that they interacted so well with harrison...
who kept finding random objects to give to them.  
an old digital camera?  oh, thank you, harrison.  
a broom?  you shouldn't have.  
a crayon?  that's so nice!
they also let harrison play with their tape measures.  big time fun!

...led me to hire them.  and, of course, they are really good at remodels, too. 

since the project began, it has been fun getting to know each of them better.  i hope that we will continue to be friends long after our basement is done.  


Kipplyn said...

What a great story! How fun!

Dalene said...

Man I bet they LOVE you. Coolest mom EVER.

Anonymous said...

Roll on remodel! I definately do not want to share with jeremy when I come to visit! Rachel