Tuesday, April 28, 2009

happy burbay!

that's "happy birthday" in harrison-speak.  

i could listen to him say "happy burbay" over and over and over again.  because i have a feeling that he won't be saying it when we celebrate year number three.  

this year we celebrated with a monkey theme.  his invitations said "monkey see, monkey do...harrison is turning two.  so, swing on over and go bananas with us".  the original plan was to meet for a play-date at the park but the weather forced us inside.  everyone came over here to play, then we made "monkey" cupcakes and ate them.  messy, but fun!

after our friends left, meme & papa stayed to eat lunch, cupcakes, and to open presents.

harrison was SPOILED!  he got a sandbox with sand toys, a big wheel, a thomas the train set, a bosch tool/work bench, one of those big balls that you sit and bounce on, a ball pit, and some bubble toys.  the child is not hurting for things to do.

the pictures: 

i had to take this one of harrison's curls.  yes, some might call that a mullet.  i call it precious.  i live for the days when he takes a shower in the morning with daddy because then his hair stays cute all day.  if he takes a bath at night the bed-head is ridiculous.  hilarious, but ridiculous.  he actually got a haircut yesterday, so it will take quite some time to grow it back out to this stage (if ever).

our friend cadence and harrison had a great time running around outside after they decorated and ate their cupcakes.

too cute for words.

our beloved meme & papa...the best grandparents a boy could ask for.

a monkey cupcake.  i made this one.  cadence's cupcake turned out pretty great.  harrison's little monkey had a "smile" in between his two crooked eyes.  it all tasted the same, though!

graham wanted to play with harrison's new train set.  i'm sure one day the boys will have a fantastic time playing together!

happy burbay to you, happy burbay to you...  harrison didn't want to blow out his candles because they are "hot".  daddy and i had to help.

riding his new "motorcycle" off into the sunset.  did i mention that he is spoiled??!
truthfully, though, jer & i are the ones who are spoiled!  we have the most amazing two-year-old a mommy & daddy could hope for!

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Anonymous said...

A very happy burbay indeed! He is getting so big and once again I am lamenting that you guys live so far away! Big hugs and kisses for the birthday boy and for Graham so he doesn't feel left out! Rachel