Thursday, May 7, 2009

to my almost six-month old boy

dear baby graham, 

you light up our lives like no other.  my favorite thing about you is that just a quick glance in your direction makes your face BEAM!

you are SO loud... hilariously attention to me loud...give me more of that yummy applesauce loud...i love to be tickled loud...i'm so happy to be alive loud...

you make us laugh out loud.

we are just now beginning to see some semblance of your schedule.  mommy has tried hard to force you to get with the program - to no avail.  it has been obvious from the beginning of your life (since eight weeks in utero...i mean the very beginning) that your plan has been to keep us guessing.  and you have not failed at accomplishing this goal.  we have a feeling that you are going to be our outgoing, outspoken, "think outside the box" child.  and, truth be told, your daddy & i think that makes you the absolute perfect addition to this family!  

you LOVE your big brother.  you are enamored with him.  and harrison loves you, too.  he likes to put you to sleep by putting your binky in your mouth, giving you your woobie (blanket) and saying, "night night baby gwaham".  he works magic with you...sometimes better than mommy.

your favorite things, at the moment, are toys that have faces.  you like to "talk" to your stuffed dog and lion.  you love to be free on the floor - rolling and scooting.  no sitting up for you yet. you love to eat fruits and veggies, although green veggies take a bit of coaxing.  when you eat you wail with delight in between every single bite.  you love to be outside.  you still love to be swaddled.  you love to be held...and tickled...and read to...and sung to...and played love interaction.  

your daddy & i love you so much...with an unconditional love (and, trust me, you have already tested those conditions).  we think you are the sweetest, brightest, most light-hearted, and cutest boy.  we feel SO extremely blessed to call you "son"!!

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