Saturday, August 22, 2009

have toys, will travel

this morning i awakened to see two little eyes peeking at me from the side of my bed.  i said, "good morning, love.  want to come up and cuddle with mommy & daddy?".  i guess that is exactly what he wanted because he quickly began handing me all the essentials...

* a mercer mayer book (a gift from meme & papa which harrison recently told me is his "new favorite")

* a tape measure (we don't go anywhere without it these days)

* a stuffed dalmation puppy dog (his bedroom is decorated with vintage fire trucks and the dog had been sitting up high on the shelf until he realized that he is now tall enough to reach it)

* his blue woobie

* his white woobie (the hospital-issued one that we used to swaddle him up tight when he was a newborn)

he climbed up, gave me a hug, and said what have recently become my "new favorite" words..."i love you lots, mommy".  

it may have been 6:30 in the morning (a bit too early for my liking), but that was the best start to a day i've had in a long time!

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Dalene said...

There's not a better way to start the day! Just wait, when he's older, he can do the same thing, except maybe bring you coffee in bed. :o) (Although when my teenage boy is super-super nice, I generally know he's up to something!)