Wednesday, August 19, 2009

today is wednesday

that means one thing in our house:  it's trash day!  and trash trucks are a very cool thing to a two-year old boy!  today we saw blue trash trucks and green trash trucks.  we also got to see the blue recycling truck.  man, oh man, wednesdays are fun!  

harrison has taken a great liking to trucks of all kinds.  he can tell you the difference between a dump truck, a semi truck, a ups truck, a bulldozer, a bus, a trash truck, a mail truck, a cement mixer, and just a regular old pick up truck (which is every bit as cool!).  he loves watching the trash collectors do their job.  he loves watching construction workers do their jobs.  he loves watching the mail man do his job. 

he is just down right fascinated with trucks and the people who drive them!!

the best thing about this is getting to see the reaction of the trash collectors when they notice that harrison is watching.  they smile, wave to him, and even honk the truck's horn!  which, of course, excites my little man to no end!  

what impresses me the most about this is that harrison thinks that being a trash collector is the coolest thing on earth....the best job ever!  it makes me wonder when the world will start influencing him to think otherwise.  when will he become jaded or judgmental or embarrassed about things like collecting trash?  when will he stop wanting to help me take out the trash? when will it become un-cool to love the trash truck?  

i don't know the answer.  what i do know is that i am going to SOAK UP these moments of being able to see the world through his two-year old eyes.  i have loved waving at the trash collectors as much as he has...and thanking them for the great job they do for us!  i hope for many more opportunities to experience things through the lens of an innocent child!

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