Saturday, January 9, 2010

protesting without words

graham is right on schedule (at least for my boys). he's nearing 14 months of age and just starting to throw fits. with harrison i found this quite frustrating. with graham it simply cracks me up.

graham has somehow figured out how to go limp and go stiff at the same time. baffling. he throws back his head, arches his back and drops his body to the floor...all in one quick, fluid motion. this happens multiple times throughout the day - anytime i'm attempting to get him to do something he doesn't want to do. if i try to pick him up (under his arms, around his ribcage) he's learned to straighten his arms up over his head so that i almost lose my grip. yesterday i actually did lose my grip and he fell backward onto the floor. he didn't like that so much. and i sure did smile down at him and say, "that's what you get for throwing a fit, buddy."

i'm such a good mom.

it gets me laughing because i daydream about throwing my own little tantrums. can't you just picture me throwing myself on the floor because i had to make dinner AGAIN? or clean up toys AGAIN? or wash clothes AGAIN?

what? you wiped your booger on mommy's pants?

thud. kick, kick, kick. AAAHHHH!

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Dalene said...

I like to throw fits. They come out as narcolepsy, though. I like to throw in a few catatonic fits just to mix things up.