Monday, January 11, 2010

who knew stickers were a beauty aid?

a real life conversation...

i was lying on the couch while harrison was placing stickers all over the right leg of my sweatpants.

mommy: wow, thanks for the stickers, buddy.
harrison: you're welcome. i turning you into a beautiful princess.
mommy: oh, that's so sweet, harrison. thank you for turning me into a beautiful princess.
harrison (to daddy): daddy, i turn mommy into a beautiful princess!!

i'm sure daddy was thinking it would take a lot more than a few stickers to turn this grey-sweatpant-wearing, no-makeup-wearing, pony-tail-wearing, non-showering mommy into something befitting the title "princess"! or maybe that's what i was thinking!! it's so nice to know that harrison doesn't think about that stuff, though. : )

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