Monday, October 29, 2012

conversations in the car

riding along in my automobile
my babies behind me, i'm at the wheel
cruising and playing the radio
with no particular place to go

(i paraphrased chuck berry...had to set the scene.  can you envision it?  ok.  moving on.)

and then from the backseat i hear
a phrase that would make me say oh dear
"mama my winky sure is growing"
 lord help me i prayed as the car was slowing

yes son that's normal it happens sometimes
it's called an erection it's completely fine
daddys get them and little boys too
just leave it alone it'll go back down soon

being a mom to boys can be a chore
i never know what these two have in store
they certainly keep me on my toes
and make me spew coffee out my nose

especially when they talk about things that grow


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