Friday, October 26, 2012

just a moment in the life of graham

graham goes to preschool four mornings a week.  our routine on those days is always the same: drop him off, drive home, do homeschool with harrison, go pick him up, drive home, eat lunch and lastly (insert hallelujah chorus) a 30 minute room time.  

god bless room time.

room time = two boys in their bedroom.  i set the timer for 30 minutes and they can't come out until the timer goes off.  sometimes i set the timer for 40 minutes but i tell them it's set for 30.  hehehe. sometimes i conveniently forget to set the timer at all. 


room time gives me a chance to lay flat on the floor, elevate my feet, concentrate on deep breathing and pretend i have no responsibilities.  it gives the boys the opportunity to rest or read or throw toys at each other or build forts with the mass of bedding that was smoothed straight just hours before.  

yesterday graham came out of his room without a shirt.  he claimed he was hot.  we woke up with 3 inches of snow blanketing the world outside and the thermostat inside our home read 68.  i told him "go back up those stairs and don't come down without a shirt."  he marched upstairs as only a three-year-old under protest can - every stomp on every stair pounding out his frustration.  he reappeared wearing this:

a cowboy vest from the costume bin

lightning mcqueen hat and gloves

a grumpy attitude

"i'm too sexy for my shirt"

there is never - and i really do mean never - a dull moment around these parts.

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