Thursday, December 20, 2012

Look out, Steamboat! Here they come!

We just happened to get some snow yesterday.  1-2 inches maybe.  I was pleased not only because we are going skiing in a couple days and have been praying for snow in the mountains (the ski areas got lots!), and not only because we needed the precipitation, but because it allowed my boys to play around in their new ski gear. 

And play they did!  They asked me to get out the sleds which they used to scoot down the little slope in our front yard and to pull each other around.

 They jumped off the retaining wall again and again.  These boys have no fear.  

I, however, had fears that Harrison especially would feel uncomfortable in his helmet and goggles.  He did come inside twice to complain about the chin strap but it either stopped bothering him, or he became accustomed to it, or he decided to grin and bear it.  Whichever the case, he continued playing outside for more than an hour and had no more complaints!  I was thankful the snow allowed them both the opportunity to get familiar with their new snow clothes.

They picked out their helmets.  Blue for Harrison, green for Graham.

Can we just be honest for a moment?  These two are pretty stinkin cute!

Oh my.  I can envision capturing a photo like this of a 16-year-old Graham.  I'm not ready for him to grow up.

 When they finally came inside I made them practice getting all their gear off by themselves.  And I made them practice going potty with their ski pants on too.  I know.  I'm crazy.  I'm a crazy mama who can't stop worrying about how her children are going to make it through all-day ski school.  In reality they'll be just fine and they won't miss me at all.  Sigh.

The best of brothers.  The best of friends.  The best of skier dudes. 

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April said...

So cute! You are a wonderful mom! Have fun!