Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Who Am I? - the "i stumped you" edition

As our family was driving home from Meme and Papa's house Sunday evening I initiated a game of "Who Am I?" in an effort to keep Graham from falling asleep.  I didn't want him to take a snooze at 5:30 which would fool his body into thinking he wasn't ready to go to sleep at 7:00.  This mama will do just about anything to preserve the 7:00 bedtime.

I gave clues first: I'm small and nocturnal.  I have a bushy tail and when I'm scared I make a really skinky smell. 

Both boys yelled: Skunk!

Graham was up next: I have four legs and live in the water.  I have a big face and small ears.  I have a small tail and a big winky.  Can you guess who I am?

I guessed a turtle?  Jer guessed a shark?  Harrison didn't know what to guess. 

Graham: I'll give you a clue...I'm a hippo!

Jeremy: Oh man, Graham, you stumped us!

Graham: Ok, I'll go again.  Who...am...I?  I have two legs and I climb in a tree and I have a back.  Can you guess who I am?

No one had any guesses.  I mean, could you come up with any guesses?

Graham: I'll give you a clue...I'm a bear!

Harrison: GRAHAM! Bears don't have two legs!  They have four legs!

Graham:  But they stand on two legs so I stumped all of you!

Harrison: Let's play Simon Says.

We did switch to playing Simon Says for a while, which was going swimmingly until one of my children, who shall remain nameless, said, "Simon says touch your vagina or your winky."



Jeremy and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows and I quickly reprimanded, "Simon does not ever say to touch private parts!"

Lord help me.  

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