Wednesday, June 19, 2013

meet vinny

i know, i know.

bad blogger.

very bad blogger.

but i have an excuse! it's summer! and my children are out of school! and i'm LOVING our unscheduled, don't-have-to-be-anywhere-at-8am mornings! and i don't want to bother with photographing life because i'm too busy living it and relaxing in it and drinking an extra cup of coffee while reading books in it and coming up with crazy activities to keep my boys active in it.

so summer has been fantastic! but it's also not exactly conducive to blogging.

aaaaaand, aside from all that...

we've been taking care of this little guy...

well hello there you cutie patootie fluffball boy. want to come to the white house and hang out with us while your family is on vacation for a week?

this is vinny. he's the sweetest, gentlest, softest, most fun puppy i've ever encountered.

and guess who his new best friend is...

yup, that would be harrison.

the boy who is deathly afraid of dogs has overcome that fear thanks to this new precious friend.

the boy who is oversensitive to touch of all kinds has allowed vinny to tickle him with his tail, lick him with his tongue, gently nip at him with his teeth, and jump on him with his paws.

the boy who completely avoids dogs now approaches vinny with confidence, picks him up with ease, attaches the leash and loves to lead him on walks. harrison also seeks out opportunities to play with vinny, pet him and feed him treats.

we are so very thankful for vinny's sweet little personality and easy demeanor.

we are so very thankful for the opportunity to take care of him this week.

we are so very thankful his presence in our home has been such a healing experience!

now if this cute boy isn't a great excuse for my lack of blog posting, what is?

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Andrea said...

Sweet Friend~ Summer is short, enjoy it with the boys! Love Vinny... perhaps Harrison needs his own puppy, like Vinny! :)