Thursday, May 23, 2013

just some stuff while you're waiting for the real stuff

you guys.

here's the problem - my normal writing time is while the kiddos are at school. but the past two weeks have brought field days and water fun days and kindergarten celebrations and class picnics and preschool graduations and i'm telling you the end of the school year is trying to kill me.

so i'm thinking i'm going to have to start writing at night after the boys go to bed. otherwise this here blog may just never see me again. so until i can get my self coordinated like that's ever going to happen here are some things that i've been loving lately.

i'm going to get my haircut today! like this perhaps.

this is the best stuff ever - loreal sublime bronze sunless tanning lotion

i have been eating this for breakfast - chia pudding - i eat mine with strawberries. it's light and
refreshing and filling and healthy.

this article was awesome - the F word by jennifer weiner

i just ordered these shoes for summer. so excited for them to get here!

i just ordered this dress to wear to a wedding that's coming up in beloved oklahoma city praying for you, moore! on june 9th. let's hope it fits! so excited to see all my oklahoma peeps!

this article touched me deeply - a mountain i'm willing to die on by momastery

we've been hooked on children's books by oliver jeffers. this moose belongs to me cracks me up as does the great paper caper. very clever and witty.

we've also just finished reading the lion, the witch and the wardrobe and are going this afternoon to check out the next book in the series - the horse and his boy. it's awesome reading these books out loud to the boys. lewis used all kinds of words that i don't necessarily want my boys saying but feel the need to read just as it was written because, i mean, it's c.s. lewis. phrases like, "shut up, you prig" which, in all honesty, would be a very accurate word to call my black-and-white-thinking, ever-the-rule-follower, eldest son. but, all the same, i don't want any name-calling around here. whether it's accurate or not. hehehe

ok i think that's all i got.

hopefully sometime soon i'll be able to write to you again about the real things in our lives - the continuation of jeremy's and my dating story, how STAR is going, what i learned about my own brain and why it's so helpful and healing to write about the tough stuff, the silly things graham does, why it is so, so great living in colorado, etc etc etc

until then...

**edited to add: i forgot to tell you about this book. how i could forget to tell you about this book?! i loved, loved, loved it. if this doesn't inspire you, i don't know what will - wild: from lost to found on the pacific crest trail.

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