Friday, May 3, 2013

an unexpected letter

don't you just love it when you get good mail?

it is so rare to get good mail!

i miss real, non-bill, non-advertisement, non-preapprovedcreditcardoffer mail.

yesterday i got a letter from my aunt janet who lives in iowa. i love my aunt janet. she is strong and opinionated and loving and true to herself and true to others. how can you not love someone like that? she sent me some gluten-free recipes that look delicious. one in particular - chocolate chip cookies - just might have to be baked this weekend.

to feed the chocolate addiction people.

janet is a faithful blog reader, which warms my heart. it comforts me that my geographically faraway family is still in-the-know about our everyday life occurrences. i wish everyone wrote a blog. wouldn't it make keeping up with each other so much easier? but i suppose that's what facebook is for.

or mail.

oh, the poor postal system.

aunt janet's letter suggested that i post some stories "about rachel and jeremy every now and then".

that made me laugh. we are boring people, jeremy and i. i don't have any stories about us!

but then i realized of course i have stories. of course i do. and i should write them! lord knows this forgetful brain of mine will one day lose them if i don't document them somewhere.

so, aunt janet, i will start writing more about the grown-ups that live in this white house. as boring as we may be! and thank you for the letter. i'm not just saying really made my day!

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