Wednesday, May 15, 2013

he's in my life to keep me humble and why we love our dentist

yesterday i mentioned graham made a game out of jiggling my arm fat while i was trying to enjoy a yummy lunch.

nothing makes you lose your appetite faster than someone jiggling your arm fat.

or perhaps, if you're like me, it makes you drown your arm fat sorrows with a chocolove darkchocolatewithalmondsandseasalt candy bar.

it's a vicious arm fat cycle.

but what i was really thinking when i told you about the jiggly arm fat game was this:

graham is in my life to keep me humble.

and that sentiment was hammered in and sealed up tight just a few hours later when i took the boys to their biannual dental check up and my grahamer boy had to leave the dentist's office wearing this:

that would be dr. verschave's old lab coat.

as graham was having his teeth polished something bad happened. i don't know what or how or why but his gag reflex was triggered and he proceeded to empty his partially digested lunch all over himself and me and dr. verschave and the dental hygienist and the office furniture.

it was real pretty. i'm being sarcastic.

and real smelly. i'm not being sarcastic.

all of the office staff handled the situation amazingly and i am so thankful for their good humor. and i'm quite impressed no one dry heaved while cleaning up my son's vomit. those are just two reasons why i love our dentist's office.

the others are as follows:
1) in all the years we've been going there we have never had to wait in the waiting room more than two minutes.

2) the one time we did have to wait (for ten minutes) the office manager apologized, then dr. verschave came out to apologize, then they gave us a jamba juice gift card to apologize for the wait. what doctor's off does that?!

3) megan, our favorite hygienist, is

4) they refer to the kid's check-ups as "happy visits" - just getting them used to the environment, counting and cleaning their teeth the best they can, but their goal is to keep kiddos happy so they are willing to come back. and my kids love it there!

5) it's a new, clean, peaceful office environment.

6) the time graham knocked his front tooth loose they got us in immediately and did not charge us a penny.

7) sweet dr. verschave's willingness to hand over her pristine white jacket so my boy didn't have to go home naked. that really says it all, doesn't it?

i love belmar smiles.

and i love graham.

and i love that he keeps me humble.


Jonathon Carpenter said...

The little 'grahamer' is too cute with that dentist's coat! Dr. Verschave is amazing, most dentists give lollies after 'happy visits' but she gives out Jamba juice gift cards. Yeah, who does that? Anyway, I'm glad to know your little boy does not freak about visiting the dentist. It must be your motivation, the good environment, and the staff's friendliness in the dentist's office that made your kids love visiting. Jonathon @

Kenneth McGee said...

I wouldn’t mind waiting for my dentist if that means I’ll have a jamba juice gift card. I wish most dental offices were like Dr. Verschave’s where they won’t make you wait longer than five minutes, with friendly staff, and a nice environment. The dentist was also cool with his way of making the kids love to come back. Kenneth @

Jason Dew said...

What an awesome dentist! Graham is so cute with his lab coat on. Surely, he’ll grow up loving Dr. Verschave as much as you do. And why not? He keeps Graham's teeth clean and healthy, while giving away jamba juice GC as freebies. Jason, Metro Dental Associates =)