Wednesday, May 1, 2013

hello! bonjour? ahoy?

1) i have a yellow phlegm monster camping inside my head.
2) i want him to leave
3) he is making me very cranky
4) and pms isn't doing me any favors in the crankiness department either
5) i made gluten-free brownies
6) after i ate half the pan i began to feel much better
7) sometimes we just need a little chocolate don't we
8) graham and harrison ate brownies too
9) our empty plates were covered with brownie crumbs and powdered sugar sprinkles
10) graham sweetly asked if he could clear my plate
11) what a polite boy, i thought
12) then he proceeded to lick my plate clean
13) love him
14) graham asked me to call him graham peregrine white III
15) that conversation went like this:

why did you call me dude?

i don't know. what do you want me to call you?

just graham.

how bout grahamers?

call me graham peregrine white the third.

16) i haven't a clue where he came up with that one
17) harrison walked into my bedroom, lifted himself up onto the bed and placed a sweet little boy kiss square on my lips
18) love him so
19) i overheard harrison saying shiver me bleu as he was playing outside
20) that's a cross between shiver me timbers and sacre bleu
21) my children are well versed in both french and pirate
22) i am having breakfast with a friend this weekend
23) i'm excited
24) i have a yummy muffin recipe to share with you
25) with chocolate chips! and almond flour and coconut flour and eggs and coconut oil and only 1 TBSP of maple syrup and salt and baking powder.
26) i'll write up the recipe in another post
27) i feel as though the other kindergarten moms are in a clique that i will never be able to crack
28) honestly, i don't think any of them would be a kindred spirit
29) but being on the outside of their circle kinda sucks
30) or maybe it's just weird or foreign or uncomfortable
31) i don't know
32) i don't know much
33) but i know i love you
34) and that may be all i need to know
35) there is laundry in my new no-bells-and-whistles washing machine that needs to be moved to the dryer
36) there is laundry in the dryer that needs to be moved to the floor
37) there is laundry on the floor that needs to be folded and put away
38) my friend rachel (rachel ottley the best OT in the world) calls that the floordrobe
39) i love rachel ottley
40) i love the floordrobe
41) i love my new no-bells-and-whistles washer
42) okay i think all this love is just the chocolatey sugar-filled brownies talking
43) i better quit before i type something really embarrassing

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