Monday, September 16, 2013

a real life conversation...

while sitting on the couch next to jeremy, surfing safari on my iphone, i read a somewhat interesting article at entitled 23 moments from twitter history which outlined twitter's rise amongst the mainstream populous. one of the more astonishing twitter tidbits, in my humble opinion, is that in january of this year justin beiber became the most followed person on twitter, boasting more than 44 million followers.

44 million followers? i said aloud in disbelief did you know justin beiber has 44 million twitter followers? that is a crazy amount of people!

i have no idea who justin beiber is, was his response.

i laughed.

then he asked should i?

after a moment of contemplation the only answer i could come up with was a simple, flat nope.


justin has enough followers. he can surely do without us.

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