Friday, September 20, 2013

we bought a treehouse

oh yes we did!

i'm so excited to tell you that we've partnered with jeremy's parents to purchase a condo in wildernest, colorado which is 45 minutes west of denver. it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a loft that will be used as a third bedroom and a play space. it was built in the 1970's and it needs a bit of tlc but it is the perfect place for us to hang out during ski season (for the boys) and in the summer (for me - i LOVE the mountains in the summer!).

we are lovingly referring to it as The Treehouse because it's a top floor unit with beautiful mountain views. the complex has fun amenities - two swimming pools, four hot tubs, tennis courts, playground, video arcade, and an exercise facility. i cannot wait to show you pictures - there will be many before and after photos! in fact, we are headed up the hill this evening to get started on all the work that needs to be done so i'll be sure to snap a few photos before the cleaning process gets too far underway.

until then, though, let me share a picture of the things i've been buying for the treehouse. i've finally found a reason to shop that doesn't make jeremy grumble and complain!

target clearance is my new best friend.

two large mirrors
one picture frame
three lamps
one large metal bucket
three laundry baskets
SIX sets of twin sheets (i might return two)
four cute striped blankets (for the boy's room - two sets of bunk beds)
one large lantern
two smaller lanterns
two six-packs of flameless, battery-operated votive candles
two fabric storage bins

the retail total for these items is approximately $460. i paid just under $180.

27 items divided by $180 comes out to $6.67 per item. that's not too shabby! of course i've been making regular trips to thrift stores, too, in hopes of finding useful items for even less.

we are buying the condo fully furnished but, sadly, much of the furniture needs to go. there are mattresses that need to be incinerated and wall-hangings that need to be trashed and a very large mural that needs to be peeled off the wall. there is furniture that needs to be donated and cabinets that need to come out and dust bunnies that need to be vacuumed.  BUT i'm hoping we can salvage some things too. i think it will be a fun project, especially since the whole family is involved to share the load.

and when the work is done y'all can come for a visit!

wish us luck!


Karna Robbins said...

So cool! And I love the play on words with Wildernest and treehouse. Best of luck and most importantly, have fun!

April said...

Fun, Rach! Can't wait to see pictures.