Thursday, January 22, 2015

a real life conversation...

the white boys squeeze frosting onto cookies, new year's eve.

...about cookie decorating.

the scene: i was driving harrison and graham home from the park when i had the idea to host a bike day event for all our friends this summer.

bike day was an awesome experience for the boys during their preschool years. they attended a k-12 school for kids with special needs, but the preschool was integrated with typical kids. bike day was an annual event where every single student got to ride a bicycle (standard or adapted, with their own strength or with an adult pushing them) around the track.

music played. kids rode bikes. teachers smiled. therapists cheered. parents took photos and manned the bake sale. firefighters brought trucks, stayed to push or run alongside kids, and bought lots of baked goods. student volunteers from the middle school nearby walked over to help out. everyone was in good spirits. it was just a care-free, feel the wind in your hair, super fun day.

so anyway, i told the boys about my bike day idea and we started brainstorming the details about who we'd invite (everyone), where we'd have it (at the track behind our house), what music to play (bicycle race by queen of course), and what snacks to have (finally we reach the cookie decorating portion of this story).

so the boys want to cut out sugar cookie circles and decorate them like bike tires.

great idea, which was exciting to talk about for a minute, until the conversation turned into an argument (everything does with those two these days). it all went downhill so quickly that i couldn't figure out what it was they were actually fighting about.

until i heard this...

graham: NO HARRISON! WE HAVE TO USE SILVER FROSTING TO MAKE THOSE LINE THINGS!  (he's referring to the spokes of a bicycle tire)

harrison: [condescending, frustrated]  THEY DON'T MAKE SILVER FROSTING GRAHAM!

graham: [deep breath, big sigh, contemplative]  you just never know, harrison.

indeed, son, you just never know.

if you're reading this, consider yourself invited to white bike day! coming summer 2015!

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