Monday, January 26, 2015

you know you're a mom of boys when... want to dish up bowls of soup for dinner but cannot find the ladle.

you've looked through every drawer. you've searched the cupboards. you pulled out the bottom basket of the dishwasher to see if it was hiding below. you crouched down to see if it somehow got stuck beneath the oven. ew. you wish you hadn't looked under the oven. you finally stop, stand in the middle of the kitchen and say out loud to yourself where could that bloody ladle possibly be?

exasperated, you turn toward the window and take a deep breath. it's no big deal; i'll just use a spoon. you notice something hanging from the tree in the yard. what in the world could that be? is that a baseball? you walk closer to the window, squinting, trying to decipher what you're seeing.

then it becomes clear. it IS a baseball! 

and look what's holding it!

apparently, soup ladles make the perfect "squirrel trap".

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Judith Lloy said...

This is hilarious. And extremely true. My son regularly borrows kitchen items for his projects.